Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh yeh, well the jerk store called...

Well being the only vegan is always trouble for the holidays.  Special plans have to be made for meals, and sometimes conflicts in ethics come up.  When my brother sent me a list of things he wanted, I felt a little off in buying them.  He recently purchased a shotgun, and applied for his turkey hunting permit.  All he asked for were shotgun accessories and a turkey call kit.  None of these requests I felt great in fulfilling.  My protest would not deter him from his plans, so it was pointless.  When I told him that I felt conflicted in buying him turkey murder implements, he called me a smug vegan.  A SMUG VEGAN!? ME?! How dare he... "Well just get me a gift certificate to bass pro shop" he says, which is where he will go to buy his turkey murder tools.  Well I, being the witty person I am, have a few problems with that too.  After a few days of thought and mulling it over, I decided that:
  • I hate gift cards, unless they have a promo where you get 10% more for buying them, just give cash.
  • Giving him a gift card to the sporting good store is me supporting his murderous ways, at least cash I can try to pretend I'm not funding his turkey terrorism directly.
  • Being "smug" will only bring on more headaches during the holidays, and I do have a sense of humor regardless of how much I want to be smug in this case.

My solution?  Cash... and a little joke packaging...

3 $20's folded like turkeys packed in a turkey oven bag box.
I gave the turkeys X's for eyes... 
Happy Holidays!

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