Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vegan Mofo Day 21 - Return of the Slacker

So I have basically failed at my day a post goal, but I can at least try to redeem myself by posting as much as possible over the next few days that I have off.  Thankfully I have been taking plenty of pictures, so I have to just catch up on all the action in the kitchen.

I have always been a huge ice cream nut.  Growing up in Florida, you come to appreciate frozen desserts.  Going Vegan has made it very challenging to indulge though, since the local grocery stores have all of 4 flavors to pick from and I get bored easily. Thankfully I do have the handy dandy ice cream addon to my stand mixer, so I am able to whip up alternatives.  So lets recap some of my vegan frozen delights in a little show and tell.

Horrible Photo, but:
 Chai Latte Ice Cream
with Chocolate Coconut Ganache on top
served in a Cinnamon Hazelnut Pizzelle Bowl
This was actually my first attempt at vegan ice cream.  I took Vegan Dads basic Vanilla Ice Cream recipe and added some vanilla chai tea bags to the initial process, and omitted the added vanilla.  I had some ganache laying around so I added it as a topping.  Was greatly adored during a night of wine and boardgames.

Mixed Berry Sorbet ontop of a Van's Waffle

So I always end up with a mixture of frozen berries and will make a quick sorbet with them.  The beauty behind the frozen berries is, after you make your simple syrup in the microwave, you can pour the hot mixture over the fruit and it'll help it blend smoothly. Also the frozen berries bring the temp back down so it can straight to the churn.  I have been putting fruit sorbet on top of waffles for years now.  Its one of my favorite ways to serve both waffles and sorbet.

Lastly, I made Pistachio Gelato just recently.  I figured if I made them into ice cream I may slow down on my insatiable desire to eat more pistachios.  Sadly, or happily, it was even easier to eat this way.  I should have taken a photo before it went into the freezer over night.  Once it was frozen solid I couldn't for the life of me get a decent scoop to take a picture.  Rather I would chisel out a block, put it into a bowl, and stare at it longingly for 5 minutes while it thawed out.  Then I'd attack with my spoon of doom!

The inspiration came from a blog I frequent, so I'll link to her blog and picture for the much desired food porn:

Bread Without Butter's Pistachio Gelato
That's it for now.  I'll post most tomorrow!


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