Monday, September 27, 2010

When hostess cupcakes join a commune and go vegan...

A friend requested I make cupcakes for their dinner party, and to make them as redicuously rich and decadant as I could.  I decided to go for a filled cupcake, and do it in the style of the childhood treat, that lunchbox champion, the hostess cupcake. However I wanted to make them taste good compared to their massed produced ancestry, and also of course to make them Vegan.  So I turned to one of my favorite cookbooks:  Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that Rule

I used 3 of the recipes from here.  The "Basic Chocolate Cupcake" recipe, the Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting (for the filling), and the Chocolate Mousse Topping.  I thuroughly enjoy the cookbook, and its cheap and well worth any Vegan Bakers time, so I will force you to buy, borrow, check out, or otherwise hunt down.

The first step isn't actually to make the cupcakes, first thing you should do is make the Chocolate Mousse Topping. It requires time to set up in the fridge while everything else is going on.  If you don't let it set up fully it wont pipe out well and will loose all its form and beauty.  I was a little impatient myself, but I had a dead line to meet for dinner.

With the mousse in the fridge, make your Basic Chocolate Cupcakes and then set them out to cool.  While they are cooling, go ahead and prep the cream cheese frosting, and put it into a pastry bag.  Inject the little chocolate buggers with the frosting (don't worry if the tops crack a bit from the overwhelming awesomeness of the frosting, the mousse covers all sins). When its all complete you are free to take a hit off the pastry bag before discarding it (go ahead, no one will judge):

Once your mousse is cool, go ahead and top off the cucpakes.  Hopefully your skills with a pastry bag are better than mine.

I spruced them up with some Cacao Nibs for show.

Feed to hungry wine buzzed friends, and watch them 
fret over the idea of trying to tackle a second.