Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the beginning...

Through years of soul searching I've arrived at a place in life that will define me.  Never have I felt like a conformist, but never have I really tried to stick out unless I find a strong footing to set me in that way.  I am a Geek, and my geekish enthusiasm is towards technology.  But the more I digitize my life the more disconnected I feel from the world on which I live.  I have come to recognize that my lifestyle, and the lifestyle in general of the people around me, is unsustainable.  With that realization I have started to take steps to live a life that doesn't revolve around the disposable and impermanent reality most people accept, and instead to focus on establishing and building, even evolving, that which I interact with on a daily basis.  

As stated I work in the IT field.  I've been doing so for 12 years now, from when I started when I was 16 as a onsite repair tech (before we had things like geek squad) and am now a Senior Networking Engineer for a large corporation.  I am a career man, and sometimes working for a corporation you feel more like a soulless shell rather than an involved and beneficial being.  So years ago I started trying to live more in accordance with how I feel is right, regardless if its the norm that society finds acceptable.  I want to leave a legacy that people will look back upon with respect, and hope to be able to do so by aiding others in theirs.

This blog will outline my journey. It will be a window into how I am living my life more in harmony with the planet.  How I manage that without giving up the drive I have to move forward with the technology in our society that enables us to do great things.  I don't take the stance that technology is the root of the decline of society, and get a little bit offended when people do.  On the contrary, I believe it is through technology that we can liberate ourselves from the mundane and let us focus on more the pursuit of knowledge and discovery that has allowed society to come so far. So if you are reading this, then feel free to follow my blog and join me in my adventures.  The primary focus will be to showcase my kitchen experiments as a fledgling devoted Vegan, my attempts to integrate technology into my organic life style, and my strive to get back into shape and break away from the lifestyle that had left me unfulfilled.